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Honda CBR 600 RR 2007-2020 Carbon GP


Great sounding exhaust! Smooth yet raspy :) imo the best sounding exhaust for this bike (16 cbr600rr) and trust me, I've heard just about every exhaust made for this bike! Other than the hanger the quality is probably a 9/10 (excellent) considering the price though it's a 10/10. with the catallytic converter you don't need the baffle but if you're going to put headers or a mjs cat delete I recommend the baffle. It's just as loud with the cat but baffle out as it is without the cat and baffle in. for the extra $9 why not?!

4 stars ONLY because the exhaust hanger SUCKS it broke after about 2 months and caused a mystery rattle..
Date Added: 09/27/2018 by David M.