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    Honda CBR 1000 RR 2004-2007 Carbon GP


    I ordered this pipe straight from DANMOTO for my 2005 CBR1000RR. I am on a budget so I thought I would give this a try. It came nicely packed with all needed parts. The canister looked very good. After taking everything off the bike which was a pain. (Just disconnected the servo cables and zip tied them out of the way. No warning lights at all.I will completely remove at another time.) The pipe mid pipe slipped on nicely as well as the canister. The springs were perfect so no issues there. I did want to keep my stock heat shield on so I made a modification to it to get the canister clamp through it but every piece from DANMOTO worked perfectly. Tightened everything back up and fired her up. Very nice sound at fire up and idle. It truly was not as loud as I expected it to be, just a sexy GP tone for a moto. Now as far as riding at 60MPH or so I really could not tell what it sounded like to give a honest answer on that so far. I can here the bike rumbling but I will get my son to give me a ride by on it to tell. The RR also felt like it was unchained so to speak in a way. I really like it after two days of riding. Bottom line is I think it's $135 well spent. I just did not see spending $400-$500 on a slip on. So at this point I think it's a great buy and a nice sounding pipe. Try one.
    Date Added: 06/24/2019 by Michael V.